400 Eurovision Packs Distributed to Children in Halton

Working in partnership with Builder Book UK and Splitz Perspectivz CIC, Wellbeing Enterprises have delivered over 400 Eurovision booklets to children in Halton. This collaboration aims to foster creativity, learning, and community engagement among young individuals.

The remarkable initiative, which from Builder Book UK and Split Perspectivz CIC, resulted in the creation of "Your Vision of Eurovision" books. These interactive booklets serve as a valuable resource for children to learn about the Eurovision competition and discover ways they can actively participate. Packed with intriguing information on the origins of Eurovision, details about participating countries, and a plethora of fascinating Eurovision facts, these books have captured the attention and imagination of young readers.

Over the past few years, Split Perspectivz CIC and the Builder Book projects have been dedicated to enriching the lives of children and families across the City Region. By creating thousands of boxes and organising workshops, they have successfully brought teamwork, imagination, and creativity to communities. This commitment to storytelling and creative play has undoubtedly contributed to the wellbeing and happiness of numerous families.

Mark Swift, CEO of Wellbeing Enterprises, expressed his pride in collaborating with Builder Book UK to distribute these captivating booklets to local schools and community groups in Halton. He emphasised the importance of joy in the Eurovision experience, stating, "We are proud to have worked with Builder Book UK in distributing packs to local schools and community groups in Halton. Eurovision is all about bringing joy, and these packs certainly do bring joy."

Wellbeing Enterprises, Builder Book UK, and Split Perspectivz CIC are delighted to witness the positive impact these Eurovision booklets have had on the children of Halton. By providing a platform for learning, creativity, and engagement, this collaboration has contributed significantly to the overall wellbeing and happiness of the community.