• Service Guide for Key Workers: Covid-19

    Please download our information guide to learn more about the services we are providing during the Covid-19 outbreak

  • Service Guide for Patients and Public: Covid-19

    Please download our information guide to learn more about the services we are providing during the Covid-19 outbreak

  • Guide for using Zoom

    Wellbeing Enterprises will be using Zoom for online courses and activities. Below is a step by step guide to using Zoom.

  • Recipe for a Good Life

    Funded by Cheshire & Merseyside NHS Health & Care Partnership, we facilitated a number of creative community consultations with citizens living in East Cheshire, Halton and St Helens to understand what their hopes and dreams for a better life are in the places where they live. The attached report details the findings of this small scale study, the recommendations of which have fed into regional and local plans to support the implementation of the Social Value Act 2012 - giving some assurance that efforts to improve economic, social and environmental wellbeing are led by and for local citizens.

  • Halton Asset Mapping: The World’s First Citizen Led Asset Map

    We worked with citizens in Halton to produce the worlds first citizen-led asset map for the area. Happy Place app is completely free and enables anyone to discover and share places that help improve their wellbeing. This report showcases the findings of a community researcher project to map community assets in the Halton area.

  • Happy Place App Flyer

    We have created the world's first citizen-led asset mapping technology. Happy Place app enables you to discover and share places in your community or further afield that make you happy. This flyer has more information about how this app can help you to improve your wellbeing.

  • Liverpool Cancer Wellbeing Service

    Funded by Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we provide a service for people living with and beyond cancer and their carers in Liverpool to support them to improve their health and wellbeing. Please see attached referral form for the service.

  • Year 2 Report: Inspire Children and Young People Service

    Funding by Children in Need, we provide a wellbeing service for children and young people living in Halton who are looking for support to improve their mental health and wellbeing. In year 2 we supported 293 children and young people in Halton, read more about the difference this made in our evaluation report

  • Year 1 Report: Inspire Children and Young People Service

    Funded by Children in Need, we provide a wellbeing service for children and young people living in Halton who are looking for support to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Read our Year 1 evaluation report to see how the service is developing.

  • Annual Report 2019: Wellbeing Enterprises

    In 2019 we supported 2679 people to improve their health and wellbeing. Read our report and learn more about the amazing wellbeing activities we undertook working with communities.

  • Facilitator Pro Forma

    Want to work with us to co-design and co-deliver fun, engaging and exciting social prescribing courses? Then simply download and complete our Facilitator Pro Forma and send it to to register your interest!

  • Our Dream for Halton

    Download the visual minutes taken from our citizen-led dream workshops undertaken with the people of Halton here

  • A Dream for Halton

    Discover the dream work undertaken by the Halton Third Sector Consortium and how the future for the people and communities of Halton could look now

  • Supporting Social Innovation in your Local Area

    This document provides information on how to contribute to social innovation in your local area.

    It includes a simple step by step guide to setting up a Social Innovation Network, or you may prefer to incorporate the ideas in this guide into an existing community group, whatever works best for your area is absolutely fine.

  • Wellbeing Enterprises Referral Form: Children and Young People

    Refer a young person, aged 10-18, into our Inspire! service today by completing our referral form and sending it to

  • Wellbeing Enterprises Referral Form: Adult

    Refer an adult, aged 18+, into our Halton or St Helens services by completing our referral form and sending it to

  • Ways to Wellbeing Social Prescribing Impact Report

    Our Ways to Wellbeing social prescribing provision works to link people to non-medical, community support to empower them to take control of their health and wellbeing. Discover the outcomes Ways to Wellbeing has had for people living and working in the Liverpool City Region now

  • Vacancies: Application Form

    Complete our application form and send to to apply for any of our current vacancies

  • Vacancies: Equality and Diversity Form

    Applying for one our our current vacancies? Complete our equality and diversity form and send it, along with your application form, to

  • Happyplace Report

    A report summarising the key findings of a Community Researcher Project commissioned by Halton Healthy New Town to empower local people to map community assets that can help to improve health and wellbeing levels

  • Happyplace: Professional Flyer

    Learn how Happyplace can help you understand the people and communities you work with like never before by generating vital information about local assets

  • Happyplace: Public Flyer

    There are thousands of happy places in your local area so discover them today with our free app, Happyplace!

  • People Powered Primary Care: Learning from Halton

    Discover the positive impact our Community Wellbeing Practices have had for the health and wellbeing of people living in the borough of Halton

  • Wellbeing and Asset Based Brief Intervention Training (WABBIT) Flyer

    WABBIT introduces staff to wellbeing techniques which can help enhance health and wellbeing outcomes for the people you work with daily. Discover how WABBIT can empower your team to have conversations about the wider determinants of health and holistically address the social circumstances affecting people's wellbeing

  • Wellbeing Enterprises: Business Brochure

    We empower people to take control of their health and live happier, longer lives by co-delivering person and community-centred wellbeing interventions. Discover what we do and why we do it now

  • Community Wellbeing Practices Impact Report

    Our innovative Community Wellbeing Practices, funded by Halton CCG, have made demonstrable improvements in people's health and wellbeing along with generating cashable savings for the public purse. Learn more now

  • Inspire Impact Report

    Inspire! works with children and young people to co-deliver fun and exciting activities to help them overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing. Discover how our community-led courses and volunteering opportunities have helped young people in Halton now

  • Lead the Change Impact Report

    Lead the Change is an entrepreneurship initiative which offers funding and specialist support to people and community groups with ideas for social change. Uncover how this project helped start and grow 41 Social Action projects in Halton now

  • People Powered Social Prescribing Poster

    We believe people have the power to bring about positive, sustainable change in their communities. So, working with Halton Clinical Commissioning Group and UnLtd we offered funding and specialist support to people with an idea for social change. We were blown away by the exciting and creative ideas people came up with! Discover them for yourself, now

  • Welljoy Pack flyer

    A wonderful wellbeing resource which promotes the benefits of strengths-based approaches and enhances staff wellbeing, the Welljoy Pack helps foster a positive mindset, boosts resilience and guides staff teams towards better health and wellbeing

  • Wellbeing Enterprises Annual Report: 2017

    Find out about the number of beneficiaries we have supported and the great things we achieved in 2017 with our Annual Report

  • Wellbeing Enterprises Annual Report: 2018

    In 2018, Wellbeing Enterprises worked with over 3,000 people across the Liverpool City Region to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes. Learn about everything we achieved, now

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