Where’s your Happy Place?

Where’s your favourite place? Is it somewhere you can unwind and enjoy beautiful scenery? Is it a place where you can catch up with friends? Perhaps a local café or community centre? Or is it a place where you can exercise? Maybe a park or swimming pool? Happyplace is the first app of it’s kind which can help you to discover places all across the world that help you feel good. The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play (search ‘happyplace’), and has several features:

Discover and upload happy places near you
The app enables you to view details about a place and access directions to get there

Monitor health and wellbeing levels
You can monitor the impact of visiting places on your mood and overall levels of wellbeing

Take a Happyplace Challenge

You can undertake a Happyplace Challenge and discover new places close to you

The app is essentially a map of places that may boost your mental and physical wellbeing. We’ve been undertaking community projects in local areas to map places that support wellbeing. For example, in the borough of Halton we recruited more than 50 volunteers who produced a Happyplace report for the borough. You can read this report by clicking here.  

For more information about the happyplace app download our flyer now

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