Top Tips to Stay Active this April

Being physically active is good for the mind and body. As a team we are challenging ourselves to be more active this April and we hope you can join us too!

Here's some top tips from our Wellbeing Team about how to stay active this April.

Try yoga stretches before bed and when you first wake up or when out and about shopping why not take the stairs instead of the escalators

Eleanor, Community Wellbeing Officer.

You could set yourself little reminders to move whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or brushing your teeth.

The more you do it the more you get used to moving when doing every day tasks.

Danielle, Community Wellbeing Officer

Try going for walks in your local park or even in your garden if you have one. Not only does it keep you active but it also gives your wellbeing a big boost.

James, Wellbeing Manager

If you're doing some housework, why not pop on some music and have a dance. Having a boogie certainly makes the housework much more easier!

Lynn, Wellbeing Manager

There are lots of local exercise groups you can join which can help with being active. You could even join one of our groups here at Wellbeing Enterprises, why not try drumming?

Beth, Community Wellbeing Officer
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