Top Tips For Wellbeing

We all know the importance of looking after ourselves and improving our wellbeing to feel good.
The staff at Wellbeing Enterprises have been sharing their top tips for their wellbeing.

'Taking time for myself and enjoying a relaxing bath'

Jessica - Community Wellbeing Officers @Jess_Wellbeing

'I love to dance or go on a walk exploring new places'

James - Digital and Communications Manager @james_wellbeing

'I love listening to podcasts. Especially those that make me laugh!'

Rebecca - Policy Manager @RebeccaWECIC

'My top tip is cooking a delicious meal from scratch!'

Sophie - Community Wellbeing Officer @Soph_Wellbeing

'I love gardening and watching flowers grow'

Rebekah - Community Wellbeing Officer @RebekahboydWell