Co-designing and co-delivering services

The best outcomes are achieved when professionals work with beneficiaries rather than for them. This is a partnership endeavour which values beneficiaries lived experiences, strengths and capabilities. It also entails engaging the wider community in the design process and mobilising the assets and resources of place.

Wellbeing Enterprises have a great deal of experience working with professionals and the wider public to reimagine service provision in which people and communities are at the centre. Reorienting services in this way helps to harness the collective wisdom of communities and builds partnerships and opportunities from which new services can grow and develop.

Our support includes engaging communities on service design and/or canvassing the views of target groups to ensure that service aims and objectives align with their needs and aspirations. Furthermore, we have extensive experience evaluating service provision by triangulating the feedback from professionals and beneficiaries with outcomes data to elucidate ways in which services can be further enhanced.

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