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Making the change- Behavioural factors in person- and community-centred approaches for health and wellbeing.

This paper explores theories that suggests new ways of enabling people and communities to take more of an active role in managing their own health. This report identifies:

  1. How to understand behaviour
  2. Understand the drivers of these behaviours and the barriers to achieving them
  3. Proposing evidence-based ways to facilitate these behaviours


Untapped potential: Bringing the voluntary sectors strengths to health and care transformations.

This report discusses how the voluntary sector has evidence of its effectiveness in improving health outcomes in the health and care system. The research reveals striking differences in perceptions of the role the VCS can play and the value it can bring to health and social care.

This report has developed a framework for shared language, to help voluntary services describe their work and its value, and gives commissioners and policy makers a way to identify the aspects of VCS’ work that most clearly matches their needs and priorities.


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Making the Change- Nesta


Untapped potenial: Bringing the voluntary sectors strengths to health and care transformation- NPC


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