Our friendly wellbeing officers would love to see you for a chat about how you can feel better and happier.

We have Community Wellbeing Officers attached to each GP practice in Halton.   Anyone can refer for a wellbeing face to face chat and you can talk about anything you like.  What we do is help you to create a personal wellbeing plan with whatever goals you think will make you feel better and happier, and then we help you get there.

Our Wellbeing Officers would love to see you.  Ring 01928 589799 to book an appointment.   You don’t have to be referred by a GP but you sometimes people are.  Here are the Wellbeing Officers and the GPs they support


Darren Shearer


Darren is the Wellbeing Officer for Grove House, Murdishaw, Peelhouse, Oaks Place, Windmill Hill, Upton Rocks and Heath.  Darren lives and works in the Halton area and loves working with local people to make the changes they want.


WB 29.4.15 039

Lynn is the Wellbeing Officer for Castelfields and Brookvale, Weavervale and Hough Green.  Lynn has worked for Wellbeing Enterprises since it started 10 years ago and loves her job and has worked with hundreds of people and has seen them make incredible changes.


Kristine is the Wellbeing Officer for Beconsfield, Beeches, Tower, Appleton and New Town.  Kristine is local to the area and is passionate about making a difference to the local community.

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