Andrea’s Journey

Andrea found out about Wellbeing Enterprises through her GP, who referred her for a one to one with one of our wellbeing officers. Andrea was feeling lonely and isolated as her partner had moved back to Sweden. Andrea’s anxiety was heightened due to feeling lonely and she felt that she had lost the motivation and confidence to get out and enjoy things.

As a result of attending her one to one, she was booked onto our Mindfulness course and found it very useful in managing her anxieties. Andrea says that meditation has helped her to reduce her anxiety and feel more confident; she feels like she has a purpose now and is more motivated. Andrea is seeing the world in a more positive way; she saw a normally unpleasant icy cold morning as a silver glittery scene instead. Andrea was also referred and signposted towards services that could offer her support, she was put in touch with an accredited gas engineer who fixed her heating problems at home. This was something she was anxious to do as she felt vulnerable being a woman living alone.

Moving forward, Andrea is learning Swedish to connect with others and is considering moving to Sweden to be with her partner. She would also like to volunteer with Wellbeing Enterprises to give something back. She is now getting out more and looks forward to the future.

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