Everybody needs a friendly person to talk to from time to time.

A wellbeing chat with one of our Community Wellbeing Officers will help you to develop your own plan to deal with issues that are bothering you and do more of the things that make you smile.  You can:

Talk – you talk and we will listen. Sit back, relax and have a confidential conversation that focuses on you.  We will discuss the things that are bothering you but we will also discuss the things that make you smile.

Connect – we will connect you with others.  We will help you find practical help and connect you to fun social activities.  It could be someone to help with a money worry or it could be someone you share a talent, interest or skill with.

Take action – together we will make a plan that helps you do more of the things that make you smile and get help to deal with the issues that are bothering you. It’s all about making you happier and healthier.

Contact us to book a wellbeing 121 chat in Halton and Liverpool or to chat to your Knowsley and St Helens Community Wellbeing Officers for a chat about suitable courses and events in Knowsley and St Helens.  

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