We asked one of our Halton based Community Wellbeing Officers to take us on a journey of a day in her role. Rebekah has been on the Wellbeing Enterprises team for a little under a year and runs one to one appointments with people at Appleton, Beeches, Hough Green, Murdishaw, Oaks Place & Peelhouse Medical Plaza GP Practices.

A day in the life of a Community Wellbeing Officer – Rebekah Boyd 

My Monday started with a busy schedule at Peelhouse Medical Plaza in Widnes, where I met with individuals for their Wellbeing Reviews. My last appointment was with a young lady called Isabella* who I’d seen previously around 2 months ago. Isabella was going through a number of difficulties when I first met her, including struggles with her finances and housing situation. After I met with Isabella, I was able to make a few referrals to partner organisations in the area to get support with her situation.  

Today when I met with her for her follow-up appointment, she seemed much more upbeat and said that the things in her life that had been causing her a lot of stress were starting to fall into place now these organisations had been enlisted to support, and for the first time in a long time, she has started to feel that the future looks bright for her and her young daughter. We celebrated Isabella’s progress and made a plan together to ensure Isabella felt able to maintain her wellbeing; making some small pledges around creating a little time for herself and our free social prescribing courses that were of interest, including our Wellbeing Nature Walks group.  

Later in the afternoon, I headed out to our ‘Inspire’ appointments in Runcorn. Our ‘Inspire’ project is specifically for young people aged 10-18. Over the years, we have helped these young people in a number of ways, including through referring them into our own wellbeing classes such as archery, by putting them in touch with other local organisations which support young people, and by using the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ to help our young people set pledges which will help them grow in confidence and process any anxiety or low feelings that they may experience.  

Today I met a young girl called Tamara* who came along to her wellbeing review with her mum. Over the last few years, Tamara has been under a number of different local supportive services and was referred to us for support with her anxiety and low confidence, affecting her relationships at home and at school. 

At today’s appointment, we spoke further about how she is currently coping. She has support at school and we have signposted Tamara to an online counselling service for young people which have helped her anxiety decrease significantly, and this has in turn helped her to form increasingly better relationships with friends and family members. Today we discussed an excellent local service which organises activities for young people to help them with confidence building, anger management and life skills, which I’ll be sending her more details about and I’ve helped Tamara set a few pledges in her personal life to keep herself active and to keep a diary of her thoughts and feelings.   

As a Community Wellbeing Officer, I am privileged in my role to be able to work with people on any difficulties they may find themselves in, working with people to address their social and practical worries, connecting them to supporting services in the community and helping them rediscover the things that help them feel well. It is very rewarding to be able to help people make changes in their lives – these changes can seem small, but they often have a massive impact on that person’s long term health and wellbeing.  

Wellbeing Enterprises’ Community Wellbeing Officers hold one to one appointments with individuals in every GP practice in Halton. WE know life can be tough from time to time and it has its ups and downs, WE can help you with your practical and social worries and WE believe that we can help you to be a brilliant version of yourself by finding out what you love to do, what you are good at, connecting you to people who make you feel good and by learning some top tips to help you overcome challenges and stay positive. To make an appointment with Rebekah or one of our Community Wellbeing Officers covering your GP practice please call us on 01928 589799, it might be the best thing you do today!  

*please note that names have been changed.


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