We first met Christine in late January 2016 and she was interested in attending our Mindful Movement and creative crafts course.

She was extremely low in every aspect of her life, her wellbeing scores being a reflection of this. After talking and spending time with Christine, she informed me that she suffered from a number of conditions (arthritis, myalgic encephalomyelitis, depression and an eating disorder).

Due to Christine having mobility issues she was unable to participate in moderate exercise so mindful movement was perfect for her ability. A concern for Christine was her weight and her lack of confidence in herself.

Christine attended all six weeks of the course feeling more able to speak and share experiences with others in the group each week. By the end of Christine’s first course she felt she had the confidence to join a local chair based exercise class along with an eating disorder support group.

Christine said “since I have attended these courses with Wellbeing Enterprises I have met new people and this has helped improve my confidence where I can now go to groups outside of Wellbeing’s support” and “my eating disorder has always been a difficult area of my life but through Abbey being able to connect me to a local support group has helped me to manage so much better”.

Christine is continuing to attend more courses with Wellbeing Enterprises to continue with her confidence building and making more friends


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