Wellbeing Enterprises CIC (WE) is on a mission to help everyone be the best they can be.

WE know life can be tough from time to time and it has its up and down, but WE believe that we can help you to be a brilliant version of yourself by finding out what you love to do, what you are good at, connecting you to people who make you feel good and by learning some top tips to help you overcome challenges and stay positive.

WE want to recruit you to join our mission to improve everyone’s wellbeing.  You can get involved in many ways.  You can come and meet with one of our Wellbeing Officers and develop your personalised plan for wellbeing, you can join one of our super wellbeing courses, try a new activity and learn some top tips or you can volunteer your time and help create something extraordinary in your community.  We work in areas across Cheshire and Merseyside including Knowsley, Halton and St Helens.

WE believe in you.

I've come away knowing how to turn things around when I'm feeling down by recognising what causes me stress, and finding ways to manage this

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