A day in the life of Macmillan Community Wellbeing Officer Beth Munro

Today has been a typically busy day as a Macmillan Community Wellbeing Officer, consisting of Wellbeing Review appointments and running one of our new social prescribing courses. My role at Wellbeing Enterprises is around working with people living with and beyond cancer in Liverpool, providing holistic one to one support and co-delivering a raft of free, accessible group courses and activities that help people take some time for themselves, re-connect with the things they enjoy, learn new skills and meet new people.

I started this morning overseeing our Swim for your Wellbeing course at the beautiful pool at Springwood Heath Primary School. As one of our partners, the school offers us exclusive use of their warm hydro pool for our beneficiaries, every Thursday morning. Today, following the session, one of our swimmers Louise* approached me, she explained that following her cancer treatment she has been feeling isolated and in need of more support, that is until we gave her a call. She expressed great gratitude for the support and opportunity to join the group and said she could not wait to come back next week.

This afternoon I ran our Wellbeing Review appointments at The Life Rooms, Walton. Stephen*, a gentleman who has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, was back for his follow up appointment after meeting with me four weeks ago. When I first met Stephen he was experiencing high levels of anxiety about his diagnosis and had given up work, and both him and his wife were worried about their finances and wider future. I chatted through the support options available to Stephen and his family and together we made a plan to combat the most important concerns and improve his wellbeing, which we would implement over the next four weeks.

At his follow-up appointment today, Stephen was in much better spirits. He told me that our referral to the Macmillan benefits advisor had been a huge help. He now understands what he’s entitled to and is in the process of getting the financial help his family needs. He’d also achieved several of the small goals we set, including taking a bit of time for himself in the garden and had signed up to our Sleep and Relaxation course to help him unwind better in the evenings. We made a moving forward plan together to ensure Stephen maintained connection to the things helping him feel well and I look forward to seeing him again in three months and hearing about his progress.

As a Macmillan community wellbeing officer, I am honoured to be able to provide help and support to people affected by cancer. I feel really privileged in being in a position to help feel more in control of their wellbeing by simply being a listening ear and connecting them to services in the community, whether it be our social prescribing courses or referrals to additional services. By doing so, I get to play a part in helping to improve the overall health and wellbeing of everyone I work with.

Wellbeing Enterprises’ Macmillan Community Wellbeing Officers hold Wellbeing Reviews with individuals in community venues and people’s homes across Liverpool. WE know life can be tough from time to time and it has its ups and downs, WE can help you with your practical and social worries and WE believe that we can help you to be a brilliant version of yourself by finding out what you love to do, what you are good at, connecting you to people who make you feel good and by learning some top tips to help you overcome challenges and stay positive.

To make an appointment with Beth or one of our Macmillan Community Wellbeing Officers covering your area in Liverpool please call us on 0151 237 2670, it might be the best thing you do today!

*please note that names have been changed

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