As the Community Wellbeing Children & Young Person’s Project Lead here at Wellbeing Enterprises, I work with 10 – 19 year olds living in Halton who are struggling with various challenges in their lives.  Many of the young people I meet are dealing with family worries, low self-esteem, confidence or social and emotional issues. Some of the young people I meet just need that extra bit of support to help them on their way to wellbeing so I work to connect them to a raft of activities or services within their community. 

I started my day this morning with the usual warm welcome from the lovely staff in the Centralised Student Intervention (CSI) department at The Heath Secondary School. I conduct regular one-to-one Wellbeing Reviews with a selection of students there and the students and I discuss the issues or difficulties that they are experiencing. Working together, we develop a Wellbeing Plan to get them to do more of what makes them smile.  

This morning I met with Monika* for her follow up appointment and was pleased to hear that she had been doing a lot better than when we first met. When she first came to see me, she had been worried because both her parents had been diagnosed with illnesses. She had also been getting bullied by some of the other students and didn’t have a very nice opinion of herself. This all combined to make Monika feel very low and overwhelmed. She said that since our last chat, she had started to be kinder to herself. Also, her parents were now doing better, and she had started going along to a football club. She continued by telling me how she felt closer to her group of friends and that she had been doing a lot of reading because she found it was a good way to relax and distract her from any worries. 

After my morning sessions at the school, I had a meeting with local partners.  Since the Inspire! project is quite new, I am making links within the community so that together, we can ensure that young people in Halton receive the best possible support.   

The rest of my afternoon was spent at our Runcorn Office which is in a lovely spot down by the river. I love seeing the gaggles of geese, swans and seagulls gathered around anyone that ventures down there with a loaf!  

I am currently working on the exciting new programme of activities due to start in the New Year. As an exclusive sneak peek of some of the things coming up, I can tell you that Anti-Gravity Yoga, Archery, Boxing and Mindfulness are amongst the line-up. 

I also support our Adult Service at Wellbeing Enterprises, and so today I’ve been busy booking people onto our social prescribing courses and making referrals into various community services.  One gentleman I met was feeling very lonely and despite his age he was very fit and active. During our chat, he shared his interests and disclosed that he fancied trying a local dance class. I found him a sports group and a dance class for him to try and also booked him onto our Living Life to the Full course – a great course that provides the opportunity to meet new people and work on positive changes to make life more enjoyable!

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